Ingram’s Features Erise IP’s Adam Seitz on President Trump Twitter Ruling

Ingram’s business magazine turned to Erise IP Partner Adam Seitz for analysis on news that a federal judge in New York ruled President Donald Trump cannot block accounts on Twitter.
The June 24 article began by quoting Seitz: “The order was very careful to limit this to just the President. Even though it was his personal account he was acting as the president and using his personal account in that capacity . . . One order always leads to others and it certainly raises the question of if someone has the right to respond in this forum then it should apply to every governmental or public official. And then it raises the question of what’s the difference between any public speech?  I can say whatever I want in the city square, why shouldn’t I be able to say whatever I want on Twitter, which comes back to the question of where’s the private account aspect of that anymore or is there even a private account on Twitter anymore?”
Find the full article, and a video of Seitz, here.