Kansas City Business Journal: Erise IP a ‘Highly Experienced Patent and Trade Law Firm’


Erise IP was recognized in a Kansas City Business Journal story on the firm’s client, Digital Ally Inc.

The Feb. 8 article, titled “Digital Ally: Taser bribed public officials,” reported on Digital Ally’s lawsuit against Taser International Inc. Of Erise’s representation of Digital Ally in the suit, the story stated, “Erise IP is a highly experienced patent and trade law firm – especially for cases involving electrical devices – working with large public companies such as Sony and Garmin.”

The article also detailed Digital Ally’s patent infringement case against Taser. In the suit, Digital Ally accuses Taser of infringing on technology for an automatic activation camera system for law enforcement as well as bribing public officials to land lucrative no-bid contracts.

The full article can be found here.