InsideCounsel, a business magazine for in-house legal professionals, featured Erise IP in a July 28 article highlighting the strengths offered by boutique intellectual property firms.

Titled, “Boutique law firms offer individualized service to clients,” InsideCounsel highlighted the firm’s boutique nature and the fact that many larger firms are not as well suited to meet a client’s unique intellectual property needs.

“Smaller firms, which operate as “boutique” law practices, may be a better fit. This is particularly the case with patent law,” InsideCounsel reported.

The article continued that while certain types of litigation may demand teams of hundreds of lawyers, “when dealing with non-practicing entities, (patent trolls), who sue to get settlements or licensing fees, engaging boutique law firms make sense for clients.”

“Boutique law firms will provide a more reasonable fee structure to clients, too,” InsideCounsel reported. “That is because they have lower overhead, provide efficient service, and clients deal with a smaller number of attorneys.”

Erise IP founder Adam Seitz is quoted in the article as saying, “Boutique doesn’t necessarily mean tiny but specialized.” Seitz also said Erise IP is better able than bigger firms to focus on client relationships and client service.

Erise’s model has earned it the opportunity to work on behalf of multiple large companies, including household name clients such as Sony, Ford, Garmin and H&R Block.

“Erise IP has proven itself to many larger companies, which are among its clients,” InsideCounsel reported. “And its reputation has led to many highly recognized lawyers joining the firm.”

InsideCounsel’s readership includes general counsel members, vice presidents and chief legal officers. It is a monthly magazine with a regular circulation of around 40,000.