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Network Security

As the need for network security grows exponentially, so do the competitive threats within it.

Indeed, when cybersecurity became a universal business priority, the sector attracted a multitude of new playersand inspired a multitude of intellectual property maneuvers, including thousands of patents filed since 2010. Today’s network security companies must keenly fight two battles: first, protect their clients’ operations; second, protect their own ideas and innovations.

Erise’s network security clientsproviders of endpoint security, cyberattack response services, network management, application management, network intelligence and moredepend on Erise not only to secure IP protection for their brands and products, but to navigate litigation threats from both competitors and nonpracticing entities.

Like you, we build, test and enforce systems to safeguard our clients’ critical assets. This often starts with the construction of multilayered IP portfolios that make the most of patent, trademark and trade secret rights. When litigation is necessary, we pursue fast, fair relief to stop infringementand deter any future business interference.

Representative Matters

Security Monitoring
Erise secured a ruling that invalidated six of a nonpracticing entity plaintiff’s asserted independent claims against our client, a provider of network visibility solutions. In a notoriously plaintiff-friendly jurisdiction, the presiding judge found that all of the means-plus-function limitations in the three asserted patents were indefinite.
Network Control Products
Erise won a landmark jury trial on behalf of an application and network intelligence company in a patent infringement case. The plaintiff, a shell company that acquired a patent portfolio, demanded $14 million after it had used the same patent to win a $5.75 million jury verdict. Erise proved our client independently developed technology that was fundamentally different from the patents in question.
Cybersecurity Technology
Erise manages the trademark portfolio for a global cybersecurity leader that provides cloud-based protection of communication, work product, identity and data. We work with the company to leverage its IP assets, reviewing current marks and opportunities, and working hand-in-hand with in-house innovators to secure its latest brand assets.
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