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While AI, blockchain, virtual reality and other innovations create tremendous opportunity for software developers, they usher in new risk as well.

Indeed, technology companies now suffer the largest share of patent lawsuits, with software and data processing companies defending more matters than any other industry. Companies that want to protect their investments—or position to raise capital, license or sell—need strategies that both safeguard their assets and stem litigation.

From SaaS startups to spinoffs of stalwart corporations, technology clients seek out Erise for the full spectrum of IP legal capabilities, from patent preparation, filing and prosecution to management of global trademark portfolios. We also provide ongoing infringement and invalidity analyses, as well as pre-litigation workups and IP audits as part of acquisitions, dispositions and other transactions.

When litigation occurs, clients benefit from our pairing of veteran trial lawyers with technical experts—and our unparalleled track record in hotbeds of technology litigation, such as the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, where we earned three consecutive defense verdicts.

Representative Matters

Messaging Platform
Erise advised a leading messaging platform before, during and after its acquisition by a Fortune 500 corporation. Our firm continues to provide patent prosecution counsel for the portfolio, which has evolved along with the company’s meteoric growth; since its launch in 2013, this platform has grown to serve 20 million users.
Online Tax Preparation
Erise provides patent preparation and prosecution work for a global leader in tax preparation services and the purveyor of industry-leading tax preparation software. The firm also provides infringement and invalidity analyses as well as pre-litigation workups.
Event Hosting Software
Erise serves as patent counsel for a “unicorn” tech company that provides a video-conferencing and event hosting platform. We were retained to develop the company’s patent portfolio from scratch as it grew rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within one year, Erise took the company from zero patents to 12 issued patents.
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