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More than 80 percent of gaming executives say they are under “constant pressure” to innovate and create new experiences.

The average AAA game requires two to five years to develop, not to mention the considerable costs for talent and technology. This kind of investment—particularly in a crowded market of 800 million games and myriad mimics—makes comprehensive intellectual property protection a business imperative.

Leading video game developers—including the world’s No. 1 video game company—rely on Erise to secure their proprietary code, narratives and characters, branding and trademarks—and to enforce these rights against competitors and non-practicing entities alike.

Erise has counseled and represented video game companies in every aspect of IP. Clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the competitive landscape; from our unrivaled track record, particularly in patent litigation; and, frankly, from our curiosity and enthusiasm for the product: We find joy and inspiration in fighting for the games we play ourselves.

Representative Matters

Console and Video Games
Erise successfully defended a global gaming leader in a $100 million patent infringement case regarding two versions of its console and some of the best-selling games of all time. After a three-day trial, it took only two hours for the jury to return with a complete defense verdict of noninfringement.
Online Sports Gaming
Working on behalf of a leading online sports betting brand and a publicly traded fantasy sports platform, Erise secured four of four IPR wins in a single month against the plaintiff, a gaming technology company that accused the companies of infringing several patents.
Video Games
In a patent infringement case brought against a video game company by a nonpracticing entity, through Erise’s strategy not only was the case dismissed, but the judge also issued a “show cause” order against the plaintiff based on the belief that it had violated its duties under Rule 11 and may now face sanctions.
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