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Trade Secret Litigation

Rounding out our full-service intellectual property litigation services, Erise has a strong record of success litigating and counseling clients regarding trade secret disputes.

We regularly counsel clients in advance of critical junctures, such as when key employees arrive or depart your business, which often implicates trade secret disputes.

While it is our goal to assist clients by preventing disputes before they arise, Erise has a proven track record in protecting its clients’ interests, whether it’s preventing the potential misuse of others’ trade secrets or defending against claims of trade secret misappropriation. We have both brought and defended against preliminary injunctions, temporary and permanent restraining orders, and trade secret litigation at the state and federal levels.

Representative Matters

Electric Scooters
Erise represented a national electric scooter provider after a plaintiff filed suit under the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act against several companies and a number of individuals. Following Erise’s oral argument, the Court granted summary judgment on our client’s behalf—a rare instance for this specific court.
Industrial Food Equipment
Erise was retained by a U.S. subsidiary of a global leader in food-processing machinery after it lost a jury trial on patent infringement claims by one of its competitors. Erise filed a counterclaim alleging trade secret violations in addition to patent infringement and unfair competition. The litigation is pending.
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