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Trademark Prosecution

Indeed, 90 percent of the value of the S&P 500 now lies in intangible assets. It is critical for companies to protect and advance the branding components that differentiate and deliver.

Erise is known for a holistic approach to trademark prosecution. We apply three key perspectives to trademark matters:

Broad IP protection: Because Erise is a comprehensive IP boutique, we integrate trademarks into the full stable of assets, ensuring synergy with patents and copyrights.

Business-wide counsel: We know trademarks don’t often start in the Legal Department: They often emerge from frontline business units, from Marketing to Product Development and beyond. We train individuals throughout the business on how to use trademarked terms, how to successfully develop product names, and more.

Litigation savvy: We understand that trademarks aren’t worth anything if they don’t hold up in court when they really matter. Our trademark prosecution is tailored with an eye toward keeping competitors and opportunists far away from clients’ positions in the market, and having those trademarks survive when your brand is on the line in a courtroom.

Our work spans the full range of trademark services:

  • Federal and state registration
  • Clearance searching and counseling
  • Licensing
  • Monitoring
  • Trademark portfolio management
  • Renewals
  • Counterfeit and online enforcement
  • Litigation

Representative Matters

Engineering Technology
Erise manages the trademark portfolio for a global leader in defense technologies, civil engineering, computer software and simulation, systems analysis, biomedical engineering, and environmental technologies. Erise also performs training on trademarks, instructing key in-house contacts on how to properly use trademarked terms; and how to successfully develop new product names.
Mobile App
Erise advised the creator of a mobile app that connects independent contractor drivers to car dealers that need to move vehicles. Erise helped the client build up its trademark portfolio, and with rebranding efforts and enforcement strategies. Erise works closely with the company’s marketing team to ensure its trademark protection is comprehensive and effective.
Cybersecurity Platform
Erise represents a global cybersecurity leader that provides cloud-based protection of communication, work product, identity and data. The firm manages CrowdStrike’s trademark portfolio, reviews current marks and opportunities, and works hand-in-hand with company personnel to protect its latest brand assets.
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