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In the most competitive and fastest-growing sector in the world, the fight for market share is second only to the fight for innovation.

Developing new products and services is the prime directive for telecommunications companies, and the need to protect these new ideas is paramount. It’s of little surprise that telecomm is among the most active industries for patents, both filed and granted—and among the most active industries for patent litigation.

Device manufacturers, wireless carriers and media companies trust Erise to protect their most valuable IP assets. We have represented four of the top 20 patent holders in telecom, and our track record of successes spans the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and district courts across the country.

The Erise team has considerable experience in both prosecution and litigation across the sector, including networking infrastructure, wireless communication, telephony systems, data communication, internet technologies, video and multimedia communication, cloud communication and the Internet of Things.

Representative Matters

In-Flight Internet
Erise secured multiple successful rulings for summary judgment in favor our client, a leading provider of in-flight Internet, in a patent infringement suit. In the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Erise prevailed on a series of motions, leading to a summary judgment order that found in the client’s favor for every asserted claim.
Trade Organization
Erise secured a key win on behalf of a membership organization that fights nonpracticing entity litigation. The plaintiff was an NPE that owned a patent related to communications networks; after an inter partes review, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board determined five of seven claims were unpatentable. This decision was affirmed by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.
National Telecom Provider
Erise lawyers served on the trial team for a leading telecom provider in a lawsuit asserting VoIP patents that obtained a verdict of $69.5 million and a finding of willful infringement. This was the largest jury verdict in Kansas history and was among the nation’s largest verdicts that year.
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