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Why Erise

“If you want me to sum up why I work with Erise, I can do it in two words: they win.” 

Chief Legal Officer
Sony Entertainment


Our goal is to solve your problems and meet your goals.

Based on performance, Erise ranks among the nation’s top 4 percent of IPR firms; among the top 1 percent of patent defense firms; and among the top 6 percent of patent prosecution firms.

We are battle-tested and repeatedly deliver winning results.


We value diversity, and we are intentional and diligent in building a firm environment where all can excel.

We serve as trusted advisors to our clients with integrity, honesty, humility and respect. 

Our equity shareholder ranks and executive committee are 50/50 gender diverse, which places Erise among Law360’s Ceiling Smashers, the best law firms for representation of women in leadership. The firm also achieved Mansfield Midsize Certification for its commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout hiring, leadership, partnership and client work.


We understand that legal issues are business problems, not academic exercises.
We work to find pragmatic solutions that deliver for both the business and the bottom line; we embrace flexibility and practical fee arrangements. We are practical with our business to the benefit of yours: we believe in lean staffing, and we build cost-effective teams that pair experienced lawyers with scientific and technical experts.
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