Our Team

Erise is intentional and diligent in building a firm environment that makes it possible for all of our gifted professionals and employees to excel, regardless of gender, family status, culture, background, beliefs or preferences. As with everything, Erise takes a pragmatic approach designed to immediately solve the solvable problems. For example, Erise provides firmwide Friday lunch in a relaxed social setting to promote team members interacting and making meaningful connections to learn about and from each other. Erise also promotes policies that allow our professionals to enjoy significant autonomy over their schedules and a high degree of flexibility to balance work and obligations outside of the office.

Erise complements this flexible approach with industry-leading family benefits and parental leave. Most importantly, Erise’s equity shareholder ranks and executive committee are 50/50 gender diverse, which places Erise among top firms across the country.



Associates & Law Clerks

Technical Advisors