Erise IP is Featured as the KCBJ Cover Story on Defeating Patent Trolls


The Kansas City Business Journal recently featured Erise IP and its success in defeating patent trolls for high-profile clients such as Garmin, Sony, and Ford in its cover story, “The Patent Protectors.”

“Patent trolls cost businesses billions of dollars a year in legal fees and settlement costs,” the Business Journal reported. By using the new inter partes review process, however, Erise IP is helping that number go down.

“If you want me to sum up why I work with Erise, I can do it in two words: they win,” said Riley Russell, chief legal counsel for Sony Corp, in the article.

“To give you an idea of the scope of the issue, in the last two years, we had cases with plaintiffs requesting over $500 million in damages,” Riley continued. “With Erise we paid out zero.”

Not only did the article highlight Erise IP’s work against patent trolls but it also noted the firm’s focus on “creative avenues” for resolving “these types of cases early without a huge expenditure of money” by its clients.

“We’ll keep growing our business by becoming the pre-eminent spot to go to kill a patent at the patent office and avoid the expensive litigation and uncertainty surrounding these situations,” said Erise IP Co-Founder Adam Seitz.

To read the Kansas City Business Journal’s full article, please click here.