IP Watchdog recently reported on the jury trial victory Erise IP achieved for Sandvine.

“On Thursday, November 9th, a jury verdict entered in a patent infringement case in the Eastern District of Texas held that plaintiff Packet Intelligence, a patent owning entity headquartered in Marshall, TX, did not prove infringement of claims from three patents asserted against Canadian communications service solutions provider Sandvine Corporation (TSE:SVC). The jury verdict comes less than one month after Packet Intelligence won a jury verdict of infringement on the same asserted patents in a different Eastern Texas case filed against Westford, MA-based application and network performance management firm NetScout Systems (NASDAQ:NTCT),” the article said.

The story continued: “The fact that the same three patents would be asserted in the same district court and yet two jury trials reach different conclusions on infringement may seem a bit unusual, although every case is unique. The different outcomes could be simply based on different facts, or could speak to the quality of the legal representation provided by counsel for Sandvine. Whatever the reason, Sandvine’s legal representation provided by Erise IP, called the ruling a ‘momentous’ decision — because of the NetScout infringement findings just weeks earlier.”

Find the complete article here.