Kansas City Business Journal Highlights Erise’s Role in Sprint Victory


The Kansas City Business Journal featured Erise IP’s successful representation of Sprint in the Dec. 23 article, “Sprint May Have Helped Slay a Patent Troll.”

The article covered a Texas jury verdict in favor of Sprint subsidiary Sprint Spectrum LP and other wireless companies in a patent infringement case filed by Adaptix Inc., a subsidiary of Acacia Research Corp. The article, which referred to Acacia as a “patent troll,” reported that the verdict “apparently led to the (Acacia) CEO’s resignation and the tanking of the company’s stock.”

In the case, Adaptix Inc. alleged that Sprint and other wireless companies had infringed on an Adaptix patent. Erise’s Mark McGrory represented Sprint in the case.

The Business Journal, which referred to Erise as a “national patent troll hunter” in the article, reported that the Acacia CEO resigned one business day after the company lost the case to Sprint. In addition, according to the article, Acacia’s stock nose-dived following the verdict.

The article also directed readers to a previous, front-page Business Journal feature on Erise’s patent troll defense, which can be found here.