Law360 Recognizes Erise as a “Ceiling Smasher” for Women Partners


As a part of its annual analysis of women in the legal profession, Law360 included Erise among its Ceiling Smashers list of the law firms with the highest representation of women in equity partnership.

Specifically, Erise ranks among the top 10 for law firms with 100 or fewer attorneys.

“At many of these firms, a new image of what an equity partnership can look like is coming into focus as they work to ensure that all talented attorneys have the opportunity to excel,” Law360 wrote. “[The Ceiling Smashers] are charting a new course for the legal industry and taking steps to close the gender gap in the top ranks.”

Equity is a core value of Erise; since the firm’s founding, its equity shareholder ranks and executive committee have been 50/50 gender diverse.