Law360 Reports on Court’s Finding for Ford in “Frivolous” Lawsuit


Ford Motor Company earned a significant victory in a lawsuit in which Vehicle Operation Technologies, LLC (VOT) claimed the car manufacturer, as well as several other car companies, violated patents on a torque display system, also known as the “Wai Patent.”

Attorneys for VOT filed a complaint of patent infringement, arguing that Ford, represented by Erise IP Shareholders Eric Buresh and Jason Mudd, along with General Motors, BMW, Nissan, Porsche, Mitsubishi and American Honda Motor Co. Inc., “committed acts of infringement without license or authorization,” and demanded a jury trial.

Delaware Federal Judge Richard Andrews, however, tossed out the lawsuit, saying that the attorneys for VOT “acted in a willfully blind manner to the basics of patent law and the evidence they had in front of them,” referring to the lawsuit as “frivolous,” according to the article in Law360.

“As here the entire suit is objectively baseless, any lesser sanction would be ineffective,” the opinion said.

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