Media Covers Erise ‘Defanging One of the Most Profitable Patent Trolls’


Numerous news outlets, including Yahoo! and top technology publications, have reported on Erise IP securing the first defeat of the Uniloc patent.

“Uniloc, perhaps best known as Patent Troll in Chief, suffered a pretty devastating blow today,” an article in Engadget said. “The company has long asserted that its ‘software activation’ patent that’s beguiled everyone from Microsoft (to the tune of $388 million) to Electronic Arts gives it clearance to sue just about anyone who uses a form of online authentication for software. Until now . . .”

The latest news reports, which follow stories on the outcome by Law360 and the Kansas City Business Journal, detail the March 10 Patent Trial and Appeal Board ruling that invalidated Uniloc’s ‘216 patent in the company’s suit against Erise clients Sega, Ubisoft Inc., Cambium Learning Inc. and Kofax Inc.

The news includes: