Patent Prosecution & IP Counseling

We assist a variety of industries with their patent prosecution needs, including:

  • Technology¬†
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer Science
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Mathematics¬†
  • Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering

At Erise, we provide cost-effective patent prosecution that combines our significant technology expertise, broad patent knowledge and business acumen. We purposefully cross-train on patent prosecution and post-grant proceedings so that our prosecutors draft defendable patents. This combination is what your company needs to build a value-producing portfolio that will withstand strenuous real-world enforcement tests and serve as a defensive tool.

Most of our team members have advanced technical degrees, including several PhDs. We pride ourselves on being technologists, while still preparing patent applications that can be understood by a jury. Our patent claims are clear, concise and detectable, giving you a strategic foothold when asserting your portfolio. Our support staff is a huge component of our success, and our clients consistently praise our responsiveness and client service. We also offer unique fee arrangements for higher-volume clients that, to our knowledge, are not employed by any other law firm. We create targeted value for our clients by studying their business, their marketplace and strategic trends, and their competitors to develop intellectual property portfolios that advance competitive goals.

The intellectual property landscape is constantly changing, and we provide the full range of counseling necessary to form a comprehensive and cohesive intellectual property strategy for your company that considers the full spectrum of domestic and international intellectual property and intellectual property agreements. This requires both cooperation and excellent communication, and Erise knows how to engage with your business to reach the desired end goals with as little business interruption as possible.