Erise IP shareholder Adam Seitz was recently featured by Missouri Lawyers Weekly after being named a 2019 Missouri Lawyers Weekly Law Firm Leader.

The feature backgrounds how Seitz and shareholder Eric Buresh began to anticipate changes that would affect patent law, ultimately leading to the founding of Erise IP.

Seitz told Missouri Lawyers Weekly, “I learned through that entire process . . . that I need to have faith; that I’m not in control, number one, and that God, who’s in control, has a good plan for us.”

The day the doors opened on Erise IP, the new firm represented Sony, Garmin, Ford, and video game company Ubisoft Electronic Arts, among other large companies. At that time, around 10 people worked for the firm.

Erise needed to grow quickly to cover the work of its existing clients, and getting patent attorneys to move to Kansas City wasn’t easy, Seitz said. Erise IP now is home to more than 30 people with a roster of successful clients. Building that team is one of the accomplishments of which Seitz is most proud.