In a clean sweep for one of its technology clients, Erise went five-for-five at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in March 2022.

Erise’s client was sued for patent infringement on five patents that relate to methods for preserving battery life in mobile devices that utilize GPS to track a user’s location. Erise petitioned the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) on all five patents.

After all five IPRs were instituted, the plaintiff continued to challenge the merits of the arguments but also filed proposed amendments to the challenged claims in all five patents. The amendments doubled the risk: the plaintiff could win on the original claims in the IPR, or they could win on the amendments. Either scenario allowed them to proceed with litigation.

Shareholders Adam Seitz and Jennifer Bailey made the final arguments and achieved total success going five-for-five on both issues: The PTAB found every challenged claim in all five patents invalid, and also rejected the amended claims in all five patents. In addition to Adam and Jennifer, the team at Erise included Robin Snader, Jocelyn Ram, Kelly Hughes, Adam Sandwell, Kevin Rongish, and Brett Buswell.

The same week that the PTAB issued its final decisions, Managing IP ranked Erise the No. 16 law firm in the nation for petitioners in IPR proceedings. More information about the firm’s post-grant proceedings practice is available here.

The PTAB opinions are available here.