Erise IP Shareholders Eric Buresh and Adam Seitz Featured by Law360 as Law Firm Leaders


Erise IP shareholders Eric Buresh and Adam Seitz recently sat down with Law360 for a Q&A to discuss the unique challenges facing IP boutiques in today’s legal market and how they work to overcome those challenges in order to attract topnotch talent and compete with BigLaw firms for clients.

One of the ways Erise is addressing these challenges is by taking out the walls — literally and figuratively. The firm is open from the office design to how it works with clients.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is that the people who go out and pitch the case are the same ones you see on the issues in the case,” Seitz said. “When we go meet with clients and establish a relationship with them, if that’s me or Eric, we’re going to be the people working with them throughout the entire case, from minor issues to trial planning.”

Another differentiator for Erise is its flexibility when it comes to billing.

“We don’t have a rigid decision-making structure with our firm,” Buresh said. “If Adam or I wants to provide a budget that’s unique or different than anything we’ve done before, really the decision stops with us. That’s something we can be very responsive to clients for and we can be creative in solving their problems.”