Erise IP is excited to announce that it has been named among the “Best Companies to Work For: 2016” in Kansas City by Ingram’s Magazine. For nearly 10 years, Ingram’s has identified employers whose workplaces define best practices.

In honoring Erise, Ingram’s wrote, “Just a few of the family-friendly policies in place there: The office closes for two weeks during the Christmas-New Year’s holidays, time that’s in addition to all other vacation provided for employees (and, not insignificantly, meshing nicely with winter break for the kids’ schools). It’s up to the staff members to determine when and where they will work, as long as the product of that labor is client satisfaction. There is no specific sick-time allotment; if a staff member is out of the office because of illness, or because of a child sick at home, it’s their call on whether to work remotely or take the time off of work altogether.”

The magazine feature also said of Erise: “Of course, you’ll find other goodies that drive organizational success, too, such as merit bonus eligibility for all employers, not just the ones with the law degrees. And in this era of corporate scrimping, a health-insurance package with the firm picking up 95 percent of the tab truly stands out. Add all of it up and you get a finely tuned legal machine capable of going from startup to being named “Firm to Watch” award winner by the specialty legal magazine Managing Intellectual Property in less than five years.”

Find the Ingram’s article here.