Erise IP shareholders Eric Buresh and Michelle Marriott were featured co-authors of an article in Gamasutra titled “5 Ways to Aggressively Defend a Patent Lawsuit,” which provides tips and tools every game developer needs to be aware of in case a claim of patent infringement ever arises.

“Each year, console makers, video game developers, mobile app developers, publishers and distributors are targeted by so-called ‘patent trolls’ – companies whose primary business is filing patent lawsuits in the hopes of generating revenue through licensing, settlements or litigation awards,” they wrote, adding that their advice is to, “go on the offensive early.”

Buresh, one of Erise’s founding members, is a highly skilled patent infringement attorney who has managed cases in many jurisdictions throughout the country. He frequently represents clients in the video games and systems industry.

Marriott litigates patent, trademark, copyright, licensing, and trade secret issues. She represents clients in high-technology growth industries, such as consumer electronics, Internet technologies and wireless networking, and video games and systems.