Hunter Horton Shares Journey to IP Law in Patent Education Series Q&A


Erise associate Hunter Horton recently discussed his intellectual property career with Patent Education Series, including how a presentation from an attorney during his sophomore year of undergrad at Missouri University of Science and Technology changed his career path.

Hunter, who has been in the IP profession for approximately five and a half years, shared his favorite things about working in IP law. These included analyzing a variety of technically complex projects; diving deep into a single technology within a large, general field to become an “expert” on that invention; and the ability to do both while maintaining a work-life balance.

Hunter concluded by sharing tips for anyone unsure about a career in IP law, advising that “anyone looking at a career in IP law [should] never stop improving your knowledge and skillset. IP law evolves quickly, and it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the shifting market trends. Pay attention to how policy shapes the law and this will keep you at the forefront of your field.”

Hunter provides clients with comprehensive intellectual property strategies to meet their business goals. He focuses his practice on patent litigation and specializes in advising clients in high-technology matters.

Read the full Patent Education Series Q&A here.

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