A recent Kansas City Business Journal article, Judge Grants Erise IP Rare Attorney Fee Award Worth More Than $1M, featured shareholders Eric BureshMark Lang and Michelle Marriott’s recent success for a video game developer client

In the article, shareholder Adam Seitz said, “The order to pay attorney fees is literally the judge saying ‘I’m going to punish you in the only way we can for even bringing this case and wasting all of our time.’ It’s going to end up being potentially upwards of $1 million, which is a major punishment.”

Marriott, who worked on the case since it started in 2013, was also quoted in the article, saying, “They kept pushing forward, and at the end of the day, if you look at the judge’s order on attorney fees, it was basically an acknowledgement that this is one of the very rare handful of cases each year where Princeton Digital now has to pay our client Ubisoft’s attorney fees.” 

Seitz concluded, “When a company like Ubisoft says we’re not going to do that and you win an award like this, it’s a deterrent. Someone planning to sue Ubisoft is going to look at its history and see that the company is going to fight and they fight hard. The message is their attorneys are going to fight, we will win and we’re going to come after you.”

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