Law360 Speaks with Adam Seitz on Who Might Be the Next Top Patent Judge


Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s TC Heartland decision on May 22, Law360 sought Adam Seitz’s insight on what the ruling could mean for patent trolls, and Law360 recently turned to Seitz again for comment on the case – this time for the article “Gilstrap Moves Over For America’s Next Top Patent Judge.”

The article stated:

Judge Andrews is no less experienced with a patent docket, and is known as jurist who doesn’t shrink from complex and difficult issues, said Adam P. Seitz, a partner with Erise IP PA.

“He has not been afraid to step in and call a spade a spade in cases,” Seitz said. “A lot of judges don’t want to step in for various reasons.”

One particular example Seitz pointed to is Judge Andrews’ dismissal in 2014 of infringement suits lodged by nonpracticing entity Vehicle Operation Technologies LLC against several major automakers, including Ford Motor Co. and General Motors LLC.
Judge Andrews ruled that the allegations were baseless and “frivolous,” stopping short of levying monetary sanctions on VOT’s counsel because they had not been put on notice of the danger.

The decision was widely seen in IP litigation circles as representing the Delaware bench’s willingness to curtail what could be considered baseless accusations. 

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