Another patent defense verdict for Erise! This time for Garmin in the District of Kansas. This is now Erise’s fifth consecutive defense verdict since 2019.

The case related to the use of accelerometers to measure angles and velocity and LoganTree had accused Garmin’s most popular smartwatches of infringing its patent. The case initially involved the assertion of nearly 100 claims and Erise slowly whittled the case down to three claims for trial and then focused the case only on a key noninfringement position, foregoing any invalidity challenge.This targeted approach worked and the jury deliberated for just about two and a half hours before returning a unanimous verdict in Garmin’s favor.

Congrats to the Erise team for a rare defense verdict in a patent case, and an amazing streak of five defense verdicts for its clients! And what a great win for our client Garmin.

The trial team was led by Adam Seitz and Megan Redmond, with assistance from Cliff Brazen and Callie Pendergrass.