Erise is pleased to announce it has been ranked among the best IP law firms in the United States in Patexia’s 2023 PTAB Intelligence Report.

With thousands of firms and attorneys being analyzed, Erise ranked in the top 2% of all firms representing petitioners at the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and in the top 3.7% overall. Two of Erise’s attorneys – shareholders Adam Seitz and Jennifer Bailey – were ranked in the top 0.7% of all attorneys representing petitioners at the PTAB.

Specifically, Erise was recognized as 20th in the top 100 most active law firms for petitioners at the PTAB. This activity led the firm to being ranked as the 36th best performing firm overall. On an individual basis, in the PTAB Intelligence Report, shareholders Seitz, Bailey, and Paul Hart were ranked in the top third of the top 100 for most active attorneys at the PTAB when representing petitioners. Shareholders Seitz and Bailey were also ranked in the Top 100 for best performing attorneys for their work with both petitioners and patent owners; Hart was ranked 102nd.

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