Erise Again Ranks as One of the Top Patent Litigation Firms in the Country According to Independent Analysis by Patexia


Erise has received another set of honors that back up its status as one of the country’s top intellectual property law firms. Patexia, an independent research platform, ranked Erise among its best performing patent litigation law firms in several categories of its 2024 report. In its analysis, Patexia reviewed the merits of each litigation to determine how well a law firm was performing.

In this merits based analysis, Patexia ranked Erise among the Top 100 best performing patent defense and overall best performing patent litigation firms in the U.S., placing it within the Top 2.4% of all law firms representing defendants and top 2.6% overall. In addition, Erise’s Eric Buresh was ranked as one of the 100 best performing patent litigators representing defendants, placing him in the Top 0.9% of patent defense attorneys in the U.S.

Erise has secured five consecutive patent defense verdicts for clients since 2019, and last year it was ranked by Patexia in the Top 2% of all firms for its winning IPR results at the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Two of Erise’s attorneys – shareholders Adam Seitz and Jennifer Bailey – were ranked in the top 0.7% of all attorneys representing petitioners at the PTAB.